Believe it or not, Santa Claus needed help delivering an early Christmas to a special family in the city of San Bernardino. It seems that his sleigh was in the shop for maintenance, the reindeer were having their hooves shod and some elves called in sick leaving the other elves to work overtime! Being the wise man that he is, Santa contacted his friends at the Debbie Chisholm Memorial Foundation to see what they could do. He told them that the staff of the 4800 Ward, at Loma Linda Children's Hospital, had written him about a special young man named "Markeith". It seems that Markeith had a very tough year battling cancer but, with the help of his loving family he had managed to remain strong and keep smiling. The staff told Santa that his family truly had the "Spirit of Christmas" and hoped that Santa could make a special trip to their home.

DCMF got right to work and contacted the San Bernardino Police Department and Fire Department. On 21 December 2002, at 1:30 p.p., members of the DCMF Board of Directors and volunteers met Santa at San Bernardino Fire Station #6. Santa and his Elves, "Hailey and Crystal" climbed aboard Fire Engine #226 with Fire Captain Gates, Paramedic Womac and Firefighter Rose. Behind the big red "Sleigh" was San Bernardino Police Officer Mahan in her cruiser followed by the DCMF board, including Santa Ana Police Officer and DCMF Vice President Theron Reed, as we all headed out to the home of Sheri Wilson and her family. When we arrived Santa and his elves knocked on the door and were greeted by Sheri and her amazed children Markeith, Marshanay and Vanda.

While Santa talked to the kids, the men and woman in Red and Blue helped the DCMF Board unload more toys than they had ever seen. Santa let them open a few presents immediately and the kids were treated to Barbie Dolls, a Play Station 2, a Baby Reborn and a 27" Flat Screen T.V. The entire living room floor was covered in gifts which almost hid the Christmas Tree! As Santa prepared to return to the North Pole to get ready for the bug day he gathered everyone around the big red Fire Engine for a photo that he would be able to treasure for years to come. After a lot of hugs and exchanges of "Merry Christmas" Santa and his entourage departed leaving Markeith and his family to the mercy of long sleepless nights until Christmas morning. Santa thanked all involved in this wonderful gift and especially the 4800 Ward of Loma Linda and The Debbie Chisholm Memorial Foundation for helping keep the "Spirit of Christmas" alive for a special family.

Merry Christmas
Sr. Deputy Sheriff Corky Bell
Executive Director, DCMF


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