Pearl Yanez

    Pearl is a strong spirited 13-year-old girl with an ambitious outlook on life. She's fighting Hodgkin's Lymphoma while going through natural difficulties of being a teenager. Pearl has a good attitude and always maintains a big smile. Now, Pearl has a wish. Pearls' wish is to go to Europe and represent her country as an ambassador through the "People To People" student ambassador program.

    This program is an experience any child would love to have. Not all children are excepted to this program and those that are excepted have truly achieved an accomplishment. This program offers students the opportunity to experience living in another country. Seeing the sites and history of other countries and to share those experiences with other students, friends and family. Truly, a once in a life time experience for most people.

    Unfortunately, this program is not cheap. Pearl started her fund raising and excepted donations from local residents and business' to help pay for the trip. A diligent effort on her and her families part. Pearl raised most of the necessary money but fell short of her goal. That's where the Debbie Chisholm Memorial Foundation stepped in.

    Pearls wish was to go to Europe. That wish was fulfilled by DCMF by contributing to the fund raising effort. DCMF covered the necessary remaining amount of the cost of Pearls trip and guaranteed Pearls wish of going to Europe come true. Pearl and her entire family were in tears when they were told their goal would be achieved. Pearl was off to Europe.

    There was one other thing Pearl had always wanted, a Pomeranian puppy. That too was an achievable request. Pearl got a white, fluffy, six-week-old puppy from an experienced breeder that just made her entire wish complete.

    Pearl traveled to Spain, Rome, France, and Italy during the month of August. She learned the history of those countries and saw the exquisite sites. Some of those sites included ancient Roman temples, The Coliseum (Rome), The Vatican City, the Leaning Tower of Pisa, The Amphitheater (Rome), Napoleon Park (Madrid), and many other historic beautiful locations throughout Europe.

    Pearl has completed her wish and is now beginning to share her experiences with other students, friends and family members. She remains enthusiastic and grateful for the opportunity that others afforded her. Pearl will continue to fight her disease with a positive outlook and as always, with a smile. Way to go Pearl.

Theron Reed

Vice President, DCMF

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