This is a tale of passion and lust in a small town and as a consequence, how the lives of local people were changed forever! However, this story is not what it seems to be on the surface and has a G-rating for great so that young and old alike may enjoy it!
     The heroine of this story is 4 year old Nicki Wygal, who has an endearing PASSION for loving everyone and everything around her as well as a zealous LUST for life, which may or may not be hers to keep. Nicki, a true beauty if ever there was one, is fighting for her young life against a vicious brain tumor that is bent on curtailing her dreams of reaching adulthood and spreading her message of love to all of those around her.

    On 18 August 2000, Nicki arrived at the Murrieta Toys-R-Us in a beautiful limousine and readied herself for the shopping spree of her life. Then suddenly, it happened! HE came into view and once she laid eyes on him nothing else mattered. The new he in her life was none other than the world famous Toys-R-Us mascot, Geoffrey the giraffe. Nicki took Geoffrey in her little arms and for the next hour and a half she would not let him go and all the toys in the world meant nothing to her. Thanks to Nicki's mom Vicky and her other siblings they were able to pick out the toys that Nicki loved most  and they completed her shopping spree by proxy.
     A very special thank you goes to the Murrieta Toys-R-Us for making this special wish a memorable event for Nicki, her family and for everyone who will read this story and come away with the same warm feelings that we did. The store staff made Nicki's day their number one priority and when it was over they were as fulfilled as we were by watching this lovely child walk hand in hand with Geoffrey throughout the store. Congratulations Nicki on your wonderful shopping spree and the new found friend in your life.

Corky Bell
Executive Director, DCMF

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