Matt's Story

A letter with Special Thanks

Dear Corky,

Thank you so very much for giving a boy the experience of a lifetime. I hope that you can tell by the calendar pictures how full and invigorating every day was. Cheri and Jerry, owners of the Bar Lazy "J" were the most genuine people and did everything in their power to make Matt’s wishes come true. Matt had wished to bottle feed a baby calf. The problem with this was, that most calves are too old to still be fed that late in the season (our trip wasn’t until August).

So, Matt got to feed the calf the bottle and by the second day of doing this decided it wasn’t for him. The calf were too messy and got wild all over him. He said he would rather pet the calf and feed the kittens.

Matt’s horse’s name was Candy. He got to ride her twice a day. Matt got to fish in a pond and in the Colorado River, chase pigs around with a rope and try to lasso them, ring the dinner bell, go on a wagon ride, hike, feed animals, roast marshmallows and go to sleep with whichever of the three kittens he managed to sneak into the cabin.

He made wonderful friends and insisted on eating every meal with at least one of them. We even took a day off from cowboying and went rafting down the Colorado River. Corky this has to be one of your more successful wishes. I pray that all of the children that are in or have been in Matt’s situation can have as fulfilling a wish granted as Matt did. We will keep his cowboy boots forever. They were branded with the Bar Lazy "J" brand and are water stained and beat up from going in the Colorado River in them. He loves to tell about them.

I listen to John Denver music a lot and when "Rocky Mountain High" comes on he tells me "Mama, I saw an eagle fly." I tell him, "Yes, Matt, and that makes it even more special." Thank you again for this beautiful gift. Let them know if I can help you in any way or if you would like pictures of Matt on his trip or information about it.


Laura Greshem

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