Toys - R - "Me"

   There are things that are certain in the life of eight-year-old Justin Sequin. It
is certain that Justin is a shy, little man who has an infectious smile. It is certain that he
has a family who loves him immensely. It is certain that he is afflicted with
osteosarcoma (bone cancer) and he will undergo surgery in the first week of
September to remove a malignant tumor from his leg. It is also very certain that
Justin now owns more toys than any kid in his neighborhood!

    On Friday, August 31, 2002 the Debbie Chisholm Memorial Foundation and
the San Bernardino Sheriff's Safety Employee's Benefits Association granted
Justin's fondest wish of a Toys-R-Us Shopping Spree. Arriving by limousine at the
Fontana Toys-R-Us, Justin was the center of attention as the Toys-R-Us Staff and
the San Bernardino Sun Newspaper met him and his family.

    Accompanied by Mom, Gladys Taylor, and Dad, Peter Sequin Jr., Justin
took his time going from aisle to aisle carefully selecting each toy that would make
his shopping spree a memorable one. With only a three-hour pass from Loma
Linda Hospital, Justin made the most of his short-lived freedom from cancer

    At the end of his special wish, Justin returned to the hospital, leaving his
mother crying tears of joy because his wish came true. He also left Toys-R-Us
$4000.00 richer and the staff  a lot happier for having for having helped a
wonderful child fulfill his dream.

    It was a beautiful day with a very special child and his loving family. Justin
may have received his fondest wish, but it is I who grateful for having the
opportunity to spend time with this courageous family. This is why we at DCMF
do what we do. Justin will have much to look forward to at home after his surgery,
and when the toys break, or he grows tired of them, we will all hold the lifetime
memory of this special day.

Corky Bell
Executive Director


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