July 10, 2000

Re: Wish for Jeffrey Lockwood

    Jeffrey is a four year old little boy who despite his diagnosis of Retinoblastoma with relapse and matastic spread is one of the cutest, most active boys i have had the pleasure to meet. So it goes without saying that his wish to Disneyland was "just what the doctor ordered". Jeffrey's mother said that he could not sleep the night before because he was just too excited, needless to say, the rest of the family did not sleep either.

    I arrived the morning of April 1 to send Jeffrey and his family on their way in a spacious white limousine for a two night stay at the Pacific Disney Hotel in order that they could enjoy two whole days  of the Magic Kingdom. Jeffrey still requires medication and tires easily due to the continued chemotherapy therefore, it was essential that he have a place to rest and the ability to return to Disneyland as many times as his strength would allow. Because his immune system remains extremely compromised, Disneyland provided a special pass and a wheelchair to accommodate his special needs.

After arriving at the Disneyland Pacific Hotel and checking in, Jeffrey was escorted to Disneyland Park where he was scheduled to meet privately with the "big guy" himself, Mickey Mouse. Jeffrey's mother, Ruth told me that he felt very special as the crowds of people watched to see who this little boy was being escorted through the park by famous Disneyland characters for his memorable meeting with Mickey Mouse. Apparently, this had an amazing effect because Jeffrey's energy level enabled him to enjoy the rest of the day as if he were like any other little four-year old boy; no wonder they call it "Magic Kingdom".

    I visited the family a short time after they returned home and listened intently as they recounted the wonderful time Jeffrey experienced. His grandfather, James, said that after first night when they were returning to the hotel room, Jeffrey asked if he could go home. His grandfather replied that they would be going home in one more day, to which Jeffrey replied: "I mean home to Disneyland". That seemed to say it all.


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