"I told him that he could get whatever he wanted."

Little Elijah Cole has been battling cancer (Wilm’s Tumor) for about a year. He has the enthusiasm and drive of a typical three-year-old little boy. You wouldn’t know he was sick to watch him in action. I had several visits with Elijah and his mother, Crystal, at Loma Linda University Children’s Hospital where he stole my heart with his big brown eyes and his handsome smile.

It took Elijah a while to decide on what he wanted for his wish, but he decided on a shopping spree at Toys R Us. There were a couple of things Elijah wanted, like a jungle gym for the back yard because he couldn’t go to the park, and a power wheel. I told Elijah that he could get whatever he wanted, his wish was my command! Just then I could see the wheels turning in his head as his face lit up like a sparkling star.

Elijah had been in and out of the hospital so much that just when it seemed as though he was going to get his wish he would go back into the hospital, but finally on April 27, 1999 it was going to happen. Elijah may only be three years old, but boy can he shop. Toys R Us in Victorville was a great help in making Elijah’s wish come true at the last minute. The manager arranged it so the store would open thirty minutes before regular opening. The limousine picked up Elijah, his mother, and his father and delivered them to Toys R Us at 9:00 a.m. Elijah went into the store and shopped his little heart out. After only 45 minutes this three year old took home $2,400 in toys. We got everything back to his house at Fort Irwin Army Post where he immediately began to play. Oh, if only to be a kid again.

Elijah is continuing his fight against the cancer monster with high spirits. We at the Debbie Chisholm Memorial Foundation wish Elijah and his family the strength to continue this fight. Know that you are not alone and that I am here if you need anything. We are praying for you Elijah and your whole family.

Bonnie Reed

DCMF Director

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