12 year old twin sisters Edi and Cindy Mesa share a small, in need of repair, bedroom in Coachella. Although they are twins, only one of them has a life threatening muscle cancer and that is Edi. Having been referred to the Debbie Chisholm Memorial Foundation, by Loma Linda Children’s Hospital, I visited with Edi and her family and told Edi that we were going to grant her fondest wish. Her answer was immediate when she said “I want a complete bedroom makeover.” Joining me on this occasion were DCMF Secretary Annette Bell, our friend Debbie Duncan and her daughter Sebrina to lend a ladies touch to this wonderful wish for a special young lady.

After talking with Edi we all put our minds to work and came up with a great plan for her beautiful new retreat. Edi’s new room would include a brand new two tone lavender and white paint job, new curtains, new carpet, a 20” flat panel LCD television, pre-paid cable service for two years, all new bedroom furniture, new linens, installed closet organizer, a ceiling fan and a beautiful new stereo CD player. Debbie and Sebrina went to work immediately and called all of their contacts in the construction industry securing a painter, a carpet installer and closet organizer who would donate their time or products or both. They then went shopping for curtains, linens, a ceiling fan and art work for the bedroom walls.

In the meantime Annette and I set out to find the new bedroom furniture, a table lamp, a stereo system and an LCD Flat Panel Television! Thanks to our generous benefactors at Shea Homes (The Trilogy) coupled with Debbie and Sebrina’s tireless work and their contractor friends who donated their time and materials, we were able to complete this project in one week! Edi was able to watch her new bedroom take shape day by day and on Friday the 7th of January 2005 Edi, along with Cindy, moved into her dream room. After each one of us received a hug, a thank you and an ear to ear grin from Edi we were once again reminded of why we do what we do for these children. Enjoy your new “Garden of Eden” Edi you deserve it!

Corky Bell
Executive Director, DCMF