The minute RSA learned that Debbie's illness was terminal and that she had only a short time left, we just knew we had to do something for her and her family. Deputy Corky Bell talked with Debbie's father, Fred, to see if there was anything special that she would like.

   Fred told Corky of Debbie's love for animals and her wish to become a veterinarian. He said the only thing that she wanted was to see the movie "Beethoven's 2nd." At the time, "Beethoven's 2nd" was still shown in the movie theaters and was unavailable on video. Due to her condition, we realized that Debbie would be unable to go to the theater.


   Corky started making phone calls immediately. After several dozen calls, he was finally put in touch with MTC Pictures. After faxing a letter from the Association, and with a little pleading, they did agree to release the video, but only to a police officer. This officer would be required to drive to Los Angeles and pick up the video personally, then drive back to return it. MTC stated that they could not risk possible pirating, and would not send the video via mail.

   On Friday, February 4, 1994, Corky called the RSA office to let us know that he had arranged to pick up the video on Monday, February 7, 1994. The staff at RSA immediately called the Chisholm's to inform them of our success in obtaining the video. Debbie's mother was told the good news. Elaine explained to us that Debbie's condition was deteriorating rapidly, and the family didn't expect her to survive the weekend. We at RSA, were devastated and immediately contacted Corky to relay this information. Corky was beside himself with grief . . . "How could we let this happen?"

   Corky immediately made more calls to see what could be done. Within a short time, Corky advised that he had convinced MTC to release the video right away. However, timing was critical at this point, as the studio was about to close for the weekend. The studio then agreed to release the video to a member of the RSA staff, Debbie Mann, since she is a Retired Deputy. RSA staff members, Debbie Mann and I, were on the road to Los Angeles within minutes. An employee of MTC Pictures agreed to meet us at her home so we could pick up the video. We will always be grateful to her for her generosity.

   Within an hour and a half, we had "Beethoven's 2nd" in our possession. We realized that obtaining this video would not extend Debbie's life; but if we could give her even five minutes of happiness, this would all be worthwhile. We drove back to Riverside and immediately contacted Fred Chisholm to arrange to get the video to his house for Debbie.

   Debbie did live through the weekend, and her parents were able to play the video for her, in between her bad spells. Debbie passed away on Wednesday, February 9, 1994, in the comfort of her home and with her family at her side. I had the pleasure of meeting Debbie once. However, just for that time, I can tell you that her family has lost a very special daughter, sister and friend. I hope in some small way that "Beethoven's 2nd" made a difference.

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