On 20 December 2002, the "Stars" really turned out for 4 year old Curtis Hobbs at his home in Moreno Valley. They were there to grant the wish of this vibrant young man with the "Hollywood" smile, who also happened to be afflicted with stage IV neuroblastoma cancer. But, these stars were not from Hollywood, there was no red carpet rolled out for them and instead of limousines they arrived in police cars from the Moreno Valley Police Department.

Nonetheless, it was a gala celebration filled with excitement and wonder for a sick little boy that was having his fondest wish fulfilled by his hometown heroes! Upon arrival we were greeted at the door by a young man wearing the broadest smile I have ever seen. I asked if Curtis was home and he proudly announced that "he" was Curtis. Standing before him was Sergeant Ernie Baker who told Curtis to come on outside and see the police car parked in front of his home. Curtis climbed into the arms of Sergeant Baker and in an instant the two of the formed a unique and bonding friendship that would last throughout his wish and beyond.

With the assistance of Deputies Carl Allen, Butch Rasmussen, Omar Rodriguez and Mark Sedgwick we moved the new computer and desk into Curtis's home where Terry Streich (City if Moreno Valley Technology Services) went to work getting the equipment set up and operational. While Terry was busy with the computer we were all treated to a tour of Curtis's bedroom by his mom Gwendolyn Jennings. Once the computer was turned on we gathered around a "wide eyed" Curtis as he watched Spiderman (the movie) leap to life on his 17" flat panel display. In addition, Terry also loaded on a game that allowed Curtis to steer "Monster Trucks" in a car crushing free for all.

As we ready ourselves to depart we all received a final round of hugs from mom and the man of the hour himself, Curtis. Due to the nature and stage of his illness we knew hat Curtis had a tough battle ahead with a bleak outcome. The Deputies departed that day with tarnished badges but not from evil or unlawful deeds. They were tarnished with tears of both joy and sorrow for the brave little man they had spent the afternoon with. One look at the picture of Curtis in the arms of Sergeant Baker will tell you what the Debbie Chisholm Memorial Foundation is all about! A special thank you to all who helped make this wish possible and especially to Terry Streich who went the extra mile.

Sr. Deputy Sheriff Corky Bell
Executive Director, DCMF
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