‘Christine Speaks’

March 13, 1998

Dear Annette and Deputy Corky,

 I don’t know how to thank you enough for arranging my trip to Disney world .  There were actually three parts to it, The Magic Kingdom (where all of the rides are) Epcot Center, and MGM Studios.  It was all really fun.  We also went to Universal Studios and Sea World.

 At the Village it was wonderful.  All of the people were so nice there.  We rode the carousel, a tie in the Gingerbread House (where they have over 300 dolls all lined up on a shelf going across the top of the wall near the ceiling) and went in the castle where there was the Fe-Fi-Fo-Fun Room, and also the Grand Hall play room.  You could sign up for Mayor Clayton to come and tuck you in, so we did.  He  gave us signed postcards, and even looked under the bed for monsters!

 The rides at the Magic Kingdom were just about the same as Disneyland, except they didn’t have Indiana Jones.  At Epcot Center it was really neat.  They had these booths set up where you could walk around and see what different countries were like.  We also went on the Human Body Ride.  At MGM Studios they had behind the scene tours, and this ride called Tower of Terror.  It was like freefall.  We really had fun.

 Oh, I forgot to tell you, they gave me this button to wear so we didn’t have to wait in any lines anywhere.  We also got a lot of free passes.

 Well, that’s about it.  I just wanted to say “Thank you” one more time.  We had so much fun !!

Please keep in touch!
Your friend,
Christine Rubery

P.S.  We’ll send you some pictures really soon!


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