Carlynn’s Story 

Carlynn Gets Her Special Wish Trip to New York City
Saturday, February 5 through Friday, February 11, 2000


The long, white limousine made a fast trip into LAX.  We enjoyed the ice and drinks (soda pop).  Carlynn played with all the controls in the limo--lights, radio, windows and moon roof.  Our 745 left on time and the in flight movie helped the time go by.  Losing three hours made it almost 9:00 p.m. We got our bags, ventured into the icy cold and began our first taxi ride in NYC.  At 11:00 p.m., after checking into our hotel, we were hungry.  So we walked two blocks up and two over in the cold wind to the Tick-Tock Cafe across from Madison Square Gardens.  Lots of people were on the street at midnight.


We took it easy on Sunday with Josiah and Dad walking up to Times Square to purchase cheap theatre tickets for shows that day.  We enjoyed the play Les Miserables.  It was the first professional play Carlynn or Josiah had attended.  The music and story touched us from tears to joy.  Dinner at a sports restaurant at Times Square featured over twenty large screen TVs.


One of Carlynn’s favorite paintings is a Van Gogh at the Museum of Modern Art.  We caught a taxi and had a thrilling ride to the museum.  The taxis use horns and accelerators to make their way in the heavy midtown traffic, better than the Indiana Jones ride at Disneyland.  We enjoyed most of the museum and she did see her painting.  Some of the modern art did bring a smile and a laugh to Dad and Josiah who (having no class) made fun of some of the exhibits.  (They displayed a Hobart meat slicer.)

That afternoon, Carlynn and Dad walked nine floors of Macys Department Store, from pianos to luggage to costume jewelry.  Carlynn loved it.  We purchased Valentine’s Day presents for mom.

For breakfast, we enjoyed great bagels and croissants from a corner deli and sought our interesting places to eat, from gyros to pizza to chili.  We only went to a chain fast food place once on the trip.


We explored the American Museum of Natural History.  It was so big we did about half of it.  Sherri and Carlynn headed for the gems and gold.  Carlynn missed seeing a mummy.  We enjoyed the rain forest, endangered species, ancient civilizations and the dinosaurs.  We ate lunch underneath a full size model of a Sperm whale.  Carlynn used a wheel chair for part of the time because the museum was so large.

That evening we walked over to the Empire State Building.  Carlynn wore some tall boots that looked great but ended up hurting her feet.  The night time views were awesome.  The city lights on the East River competed for our attention with the flowing steams of traffic on the streets far below us.  We went up as high as you can go, 102 floors.

Carlynn Meets Rosie O'Donnell


Rosie O’Donnell Day!  We got up early and were at the NBC studios at Rockefeller Center by 8:45 a.m.  Security was tight and Carlynn’s leg set off the metal detectors.  We had reserved seats and a great view.  We found snacks at our seats and Godiva chocolates.  The small set appears larger on TV.  The show is live on the East Coast.  We also stayed for an extra taping of a segment for Valentines Day.  Rosie talked with the audience and answered questions during the commercial breaks.  She is as friendly and fun as she appears on TV.  After the show, Carlynn went onto the set and talked with her for about ten minutes.  She was very gracious, signing Carlynn’s scrapbook and giving her a signed Rosie jacket.

After lunch, we headed downtown to Battery Park.  Josiah got his picture taken with a huge python.  It was a sunny, cool afternoon as we looked across the harbor to the Statue of Liberty.  We caught the last  ferry to the island and enjoyed the view of lower Manhattan and New Jersey from the base of the pedestal.  Josiah tried to hike up to the crown but it was too late in the day.  The taxi ride back to our hotel in rush hour traffic was another thrill ride.


Carlynn (our night person) insisted on getting up at 5:30 a.m. to go stand at the barricades for the Today Show at the NBC studios.  It turned out to be the warmest morning of our week, 45 degrees.  Fortified with hot chocolate, we waved at the cameras as mom watched back at the hotel room.  We then headed over to the ABC studios and watched Live with Regis and Kathie Lee.  We enjoyed Kelly Martin from ER, Suzanne Summers and a bridal gown show.

Carlynn and Mom shopped later that afternoon while Dad and Josiah explored the Intrepid Aircraft Carrier museum.  Walking back to the hotel, the boys ate hot dogs from a cart, walked through some scenic areas of west midtown featuring the Salvation Army Thrift Store and other interesting sights.

That evening we went to Carlynn’s choice of a play--RENT.  Twenty and young thirty-year-olds filled the Nederlander Theatre.  Mom and Dad were old people in that audience.  Carlynn enjoyed the exciting, ‘young’ music and cast.


Very early Friday morning, we were off to JFK and a long flight home.  Carlynn enjoyed the two in-flight movies.  The limo was waiting for us.  A great finish to an exciting week that was exotic and at times even magical for us.

Carlynn went to everything on her “A” list.  It was a wonderful trip, beyond Carlynn’s dreams and expectations.  Thank you to the Foundation and all those who made it possible for Carlynn and her family to have this trip.

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