To Whom it May Concern


I want to tell you about a very special little boy. This little boys name is Abraham Rodriquez. I had the pleasure of meeting  Abraham and his father in October of 2000. I was asked to grant a wish for Abraham by the president of The Debbie Chisholm Memorial Foundation. I am a board member as well as a wish granter for the foundation. When i first saw Abraham I noticed he has a very shy smile and a glimmer in his eyes. I was later told that this special little boy has a malignant tumor on his brain. I was definitely sadden by this news. One of the social workers at the hospital where Abraham was in treatment informed me that he loves Pok-e-mon.  I was now on a mission to find as much Pok-e-mon items as i could. I found bedding's, P.J.'s, and lots of fun toys. I was very grateful to the Target of Murrieta for their assistance in finding all the items I would need to surprise Abraham with before we go on a three hour shopping spree at Best Buy on Saturday November 17, 2000. A big white Limo pulled up in front to the hospital to pick up our special little boy.  We were soon off to Best Buy with Maria (Abraham's mom) right by side. Once we were at Best Buy Manager Bridgett was the most helpful assistant in helping Abraham complete his wish. Abraham found everything he wanted from Nintendo, Nintendo games, Videos, VCR, TV with a stand, toys and much more. At the end of the wish he was a bit tired but wanted to walk out of the store. Mom held his hand as he climbed out of the wagon and walked towards the doors to exit the store. Abraham had the biggest smile on his face as he walked to the Limo. When he arrived at the hospital Abraham's nurse had fixed his room with all the bedding's and toys D.C.M.F. had given him. He was so excited. When I left this child to enjoy all of his new things I only hoped he would be well enough to enjoy them. I can't seem to get him off my mind. I too am a mom of a child who had cancer. I wish the Rodriquez family my best.



Debbie Chisholm Memorial Foundation

Director/Wish Grantor

Cathy Espinosa

George Espinosa


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