Dear Corky,

How can I put into words what you have done for our family? We had the best time. We were able to be a regular family for awhile, without phones or doctors. And for that we are so grateful to your foundation.

When the limousine pulled up Ricky and his sister, Shyann thought they were superstars. The bottle of sparkling cider and balloons was a very sweet surprise. Of course with all the excitement, after about forty minutes in the ride, they fell asleep.

The monster truck show was awesome. Ricky's eyes were lit up the whole time. I haven't heard him laugh like that in such a long time. He especially loved when Grave Digger caught big air.

The hotel room was beautiful, or as Ricky said, the coolest in the world. Ricky and Shyann didn't stop smiling the whole trip. Meeting all the characters, riding the rides, and laughing together was absolutely the greatest experience we could have had. Thank you Corky Bell, and may God Bless you. What you make possible for families and kids is definitely the greatest act of kindness and generosity anyone could give.

Thank you so much,

Gloria Schrecengost, Ricky's mom