Melissa Becerra

Dear Corky,

Thank you so very much for giving my daughter Melissa a wish come true, wish she will never forget as well as all of us mother, father, sister and brother. We have no words to thank you so very much for this beautiful trip to Disneyland. Since the trip Melissa has been very happy and she's seeing things different and expresses herself different with a lot of happiness. I think of all the beautiful things she saw. Melissa came back home with a positive attitude and very good spirit. I also think she was just tired of thinking about her medication and treatments, just to know of the everyday routine which is not fun to let go from being in a swing or a bike or dancing, to come sit down and get a breathing treatment and use her therapy vest. Sometimes it is hard because she is tired of it, now she would do it and talk about her great trip to Disneyland for 5 days, where she had a wonderful time and experience to see and hear the beautiful world of Disneyland.

Thank you.

Deputy Corky Bell and Debbie Chisholm Memorial Foundation.

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