She is only fifteen years old, has an infectious smile and looks as fragile as an orchid in winter. You would never guess that this young lady is as tough as any Marine or COP that I have ever known, but she is. Arleni Martinez is battling bone cancer and can you believe it, only two weeks after her left leg was amputated, to save her life, Arleni went to Disneyland for her wish! Most of us would have been laid up for months trying to recover from such a grueling experience but Arleni would have none of that.

Accompanied by Loma Linda Ronald McDonald House Executive Director Dee Feldmeir, Dee’s husband Neil and Arleni’s mother Ani, Arleni visited the Magic Kingdom and had the time of her young life. She met Wizards, visited Cinderella’s Castle, rode rides and never once complained about the pain she was enduring as she went from Tomorrow Land to Fantasy Land as part of her whimsical journey. Arleni has a long and arduous struggle ahead of her to overcome her cancer but with her attitude spirit there is no doubt that she will emerge as the victor. Thanks to the Debbie Chisholm Memorial Foundation she will have a memory of a lifetime to get her through the tough times ahead. Thanks Dee for bringing this beautiful young lady to our attention!

Corky bell
Executive Director, DCMF