Although she is confined to her room in Loma Linda Children's Hospital she is still able to escape anytime she wants to. Eleven year old Adriana Medina is currently undergoing intense chemotherapy and awaiting a bone marrow transplant that may or may not save her life. She thought long and hard about what her wish would be and she settled on a laptop computer. Adriana can play games, watch movies, listen to music, do her school work, chat with classmates or visit far off lands at her leisure. Deputy John Tometich, of Sheriff's Court Services East accompanied me to Loma Linda where he was instrumental in setting up Adriana's computer and giving her an overview of how to use it. We enjoyed visiting with this bright young lady and her constant room companion, her mother Marta. I am glad that Debbie Chisholm Memorial Foundation was able to make Adriana's dream come true and enable her to escape her room in that special way that can only be found in the mind of a child

Corky Bell