Never Give Up Your Dream

Raul Guzman is a nineteen-year-old young man who was, for eight months, a member of the San Bernardino Sheriff’s Explorer Post #513. Raul had always wanted to be a full time Deputy Sheriff but that dream came to an end on October 17, 2008 when he was diagnosed with osteosarcoma bone cancer. Raul loved to work out with weights but one day he noticed a pain in his right shoulder during his workout. The pain would not go away and Raul was taken for x-rays to determine the cause of his pain. The doctor read his x-ray and referred him to a specialist for further examination. A biopsy was taken and the worst was confirmed, Raul had bone cancer.

Raul was treated for his cancer and on May 5, 2009 he had his first surgery. A large tumor was removed from his right shoulder, including bone and a metal prosthesis was used to replace the missing bone. This left Raul with very limited use of his right arm and a lost dream of becoming a Deputy Sheriff with the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department. Later that year Raul received more bad news that his cancer had spread and he had to undergo very complicated lung surgery in November. During that surgery the surgeons removed 45 cancerous tumors from both of his lungs.

Throughout all of his battles with this terrible disease Raul has remained an inspiration to everyone around him. The nursing staff at Loma Linda University Children’s Hospital have constantly praised him for his courage and his cheerful attitude under the most trying of conditions.

On April 27, 2010 Raul finally realized his dream of becoming a Deputy Sheriff. As his family looked on Raul was sworn in as a “Special Deputy Sheriff” for a day by Sheriff Rod Hoops at Sheriff’s Administration. Following his swearing in ceremony Raul was given a tour of the Sheriff’s Basic Training Academy, was treated to a live fire and dynamic entry demonstration by the Sheriff’s S.W.A.T Team, Explosive Ordinance and robot demonstration (he got to blow up a van and operate the robot), he trained on the EVOC course and was flown in a helicopter by Sheriff’s Aviation to a catered BBQ lunch in his honor attended by more than 100 sheriff’s personnel at the West Foothill Station.

This was all made possible through the Debbie Chisholm Memorial Foundation (DCMF) and San Bernardino Safety Employees Benefit Association (SEBA). My sincere thanks to SEBA President Sergeant Bill Abernathie, Sheriff Rod Hoops and all of the men and women of the San Bernardino Sheriff’s Department who went way above and beyond to make sure that Raul had the best day of his life. Unfortunately Raul’s cancer has returned in his lungs and now this brave young man begins yet another fight for survival. If anyone can beat this life threatening menace, it will be Special Deputy Raul Guzman. God bless you brother

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